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Its not been the best weekend thats for sure and heres why.

First off my mobile packed in so until I can get a new one to put my sim card in then I have lost most peoples numbers.
Secondly, over the weekend the back room of my house (just behind the kitchen) , the extention part with the flat roof began leaking when it rained, this turned out to be because the roofing felt needed replacing. Its now all been fixed but its cost me most of my months spending money NEVER get anything with a flat roof.

My other half is still unemployed so im still paying for everything and I mean everything, and im not to impressed with her lack of trying to find another job either. This is starting to put a bit of a strain on our relationship, but im sure we'll work through it

Also my roof problem cost me my midian funds this month which I was not impressed with, I had to settle for a night of ant and pissing dec with no ale what so ever :(

On the plus side my new job with British Airways is going quite well, I have to admit that the training here is top notch, it can be a little boring somtimes cause you have to do the same things over and over again but at least it becomes second nature to you so im sure i'll be glad of it when the real work starts.

Not really much to look forwaard to this month now. Nothing I can afford anyway, apart from the Mortiis gig that is.
If anyone has somthing positive to report i'd love to hear it. I like to hear of others doing well so it'll cheer me up to hear your good news.

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I have an eyesight test on thursday to assess if I need glasses or not. I hope I dont need them but I have to admit that I my eyesight has been getting worse recently. I believe this is because of the fact that I am always looking at a computer screen even when im at home I look at computers for hours on end. Its starting to give me headaches.

But what can I do when I use computers for both business and leisure? Still keeping my fingers crossed for thursday. All my hopes depend on the outcome of thursday and I wont be updating again until after thurday. Hope to see all you guys again soon. Miss you guys

(fingers crossed)

Also, i think a change of image and apperance is long overdue from my dark-looking self. maybe...just a thought.

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Powers:Super ability to listen to people
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Attitude:Friendly and warming nature.
Weapon:Sky digital remote control
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As a requirement of my job as a trainer I am always asking for feedback about myself or the way I do my job. Wheather it is good or bad feedback is unimportant. As the training department states, all feedback is good feedback and helps me to develop my role as a trainer and individual.

Therefore I have a favour to ask all who read this. Please post a comment about what you really think of me or what you think I could do to improve myself. This entry is only for anonymous comments as I don't want to know who has done the commenting and will ensure your own privacy.

Please be honest guys, any feedback will do even if its not something I want to hear, thats fine as long as its your honest opinion.

ps, I didnt realise you cant post anonymous with a locked enrty so it is now unlocked.
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